Positive report from the SAC

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Positive report from the SAC

Post by sa_admin on Thu 4 Feb 2010 - 11:45

Positive report from the SAC

The Silver Arrows Command issued a positive report yesterday, three months after the recovery of their flagship Discovery.

Department of Foreign Affairs Director, Rear-Admiral Sam Thomas, expressed openly his happyness : It is good to see this organization flying high again. We all know how much time and resources the SAC spent finding the Discovery. It was close to stop all activity due to failure but at the last moment, luck has saved the day and since then, every man and woman in this family has stood up to rebuild and they did a very, very great job. The Silver Arrows is back again in full action and we can only hope for success in the future, was he quoted to say on Gorlowka Carrier, Sovestskaya.

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