Updates in the Rewards and Decorations

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Updates in the Rewards and Decorations

Post by sa_admin on Tue 26 Jan 2010 - 12:48

Updates in the Rewards and Decorations

The SAC has released the latest version of the Rewards and Decoration's list. The full release is available in the Members Guide in the Decoration sections downloadable here.

The SAC will transmit to every pilot their new signature wearing those new decorations in the coming days via the SA Record Files profile page.

Here is a short overview of changes to come :

  • Position badges are replaced by metal pins to make the position of a member more distinguishable.

  • Medal of Honor, Medal of Defence Excellency, Medal of Distinguished Action and Medal of Humanitarian Service are now "medals" instead of badges. Design updated also.

  • Red Cross of the Silver Arrows added to reward participating in clan assignments (the Explore part of our mission).

  • Blue Cross of the Silver Arrows added to reward participating in repelling alien invasions (the Defend part of our mission).

  • Silver Cross of the Silver Arrows added to reward finishing in Top 3 of Server Events to encourage members to take part in Server Events.

  • Each of the three Crosses are divided in four levels : platinum, gold, silver and bronze. Each level requires 25, 15, 10 and 5 counts respectively to be earned. Clan mates, other participants or Event Manager will have to recommand the member for the events to count.

  • New Crossfire Exploration Badge Added

  • New Coalition Exploration Badge Added

  • The "New" badges will replace the originals when the new areas are explored if the player has already the orginal badge.

  • Sol Exploration Badge Removed. It is now counting for one of the originalCrossfire Exploration Badge systems.

  • Inner Core Exploration Badge Added.

  • New avatar placeholder for members without one.

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