A new ally - Convention Of Preservers

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A new ally - Convention Of Preservers

Post by sa_admin on Mon 14 Feb 2011 - 23:38

A new ally - Convention Of Preservers

The SAC is very proud of presenting you it's newest ally : the Convention Of Preservers (COP) ! Working secretly for centuries this Ancient Order is dedicated to Guarding the Forgotten Values humanity seems to have lost for a while now.

The Grand Master of the Convention, well known freelance Police officer Bond, has revealed himself to the light as last member of this Order. He is decided to make the COP Order alive again after it was laying in darkness for many decades, almost extinct.

Fleet Admiral Thomas commented "This new faction will be different from what we know nowadays but the result will inevitably the same : a safer Sirus for everyone. We all know Bond very well in the Community and that he is revealing himself as a member of an ancient order dedicated to keeping the good values to humanity explains his incredible dedication to make good that not many people share". "The Silver Arrows have agreed to help them getting started with support and have allowed them access to Omega-3. The Convention now has LAW ENFORCEMENT rights in our home system.", finished Thomas.

You may visit the Convention Of Preservers Neural Net site at http://cop-clan.forumclan.com/ for more information

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