Xeno-Species and Vessels Recog. Report and Field Manual v1.1

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Xeno-Species and Vessels Recog. Report and Field Manual v1.1

Post by Ryleous Arkane (SA_ORION) on Mon 7 Feb 2011 - 16:33

Silver Arrows Laboratories (SAL) publication release:

Today, version 1.1 of the Silver Arrow Laboratories Xeno-Species and Vessel Recognition Report and Field Manual has been released, for all Sirius and Altair sector pilots! This has been a major project under direction of the SAL General Supervisor, Rear Admiral Ryleous Arkane, callsign "ORION" and the past months have been devoted to updating this manual alone. Rear Admiral Arkane states: "The first release of the Xeno Field Manual was a incredible effort and garnered incredible positive response across the Sirius and Altair sector. A proper update and addition of new information and data was duly deserved, albeit time-consuming, but again, well worth the effort! Today I am happy to release version 1.1 to all Sirius and Altair pilots to aid them in their survival in the harsh theater of the Inner Core sector and where ever else aliens are found. Rear Admiral Arkane also states that this is just the first of the important information that the SAC is now de-classifying and sharing to the public at large through Silver Arrows Laboratories publications.

The Xeno-Species And Vessel Recognition Report And Field Manual is now available in PDF format HERE via the SWAT Portal download section.
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