Nathaw (RAPTOR)

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Nathaw (RAPTOR)

Post by nathaw on Tue 12 Jan 2010 - 5:43

****Frequency Transmitter Online****

Channel Open. Personal Biography File Loaded.

View the File?

Option: Y Selected.

Opening File.

My Name is.... well.. short my friends. During birth upon Planet Malta my mother died and my father was killed in action by a Unknown fleet which i later found out to be Nomadic. Now most of us "Outcasts" arnt as bad as we seem. Some of us have a heart. Others have half a heart as something in their life was taken away without due notice. The ORP started out as a raiding party attacking near by settlements for the Maltese nation. But one horrific day... i gazed upon Earth. Now the sight of our ancestoral home was breathtaking. But what we the ORP found was something beyond our wildest imagination. The Dom Kavosh. Yes, they somehow came back and flooded in to sirius aswell via Jumpgates and warp travel. They even are spotted outside Malta now and again.

We the ORP needed to stop the piracy and protect mankind. We figured out our Hispanic bloodline would agree aswell since our ancestors came from Sol via the Hispania. We are all from the same race. We must stick together and fight the threat that is upon us.

The ORP found the SA. We looked upon it as a group of individuals who lost nearly three quarters of their fleet in a fight against the invading forces. We saw them as idols in our fight. I offered our services to them and we are now honoured as BETA wing for the Silver Arrows fighting for justice and protecting everyone around us.

There is a wise saying my Father's Father told me before he died.

"Men don't cry for themselves, they cry for their comrades"

I will honour this saying.

Leiutenant Nathaw Signing Off.

Closing Data File.

***Transmission Streaming End****

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Re: Nathaw (RAPTOR)

Post by sa_tango01 on Wed 13 Jan 2010 - 15:07

nice rp mate!
see ya in space Wink

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