Silver Arrows Training Expedition

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SAC Alert Silver Arrows Training Expedition

Post by Seqan on Thu 20 Jan 2011 - 14:58

Well, this was fun. After getting a reputation fix for my CrystalRunner and Crewman Inflkt's Assault unit, I had to go do something. When I returned, Lieutenant Balthazar and I went to attack some Setek cruisers. Crewman Inflkt returned while we were en route to Venn, and Rear Admiral Arkane also joined us.

As it was Crewman Inflkt's first time in the Inner Core, we started out by killing some Razak. Then I went and got myself killed by some warrior cruisers and a couple stray shots from the Adremelech. Outlived by the new guy. 🤦No offence, Crewman. You did very well

Lieutenant Balthazar had to leave after this, so we jumped him back to Omega 3. Admiral Arkane escorted the Crewman to Mepther where I rendezvoused with them and hauled ass back to Weth.

Admiral Arkane left us after we got safely into the Weth system, and Crewman Inflkt started to breath again.

The Crewman also gathered one Kelyrd-ray projector, but I do not know the status of said gun.

All in all, we broke in a new crewman, and tested a new ship's capabilities in the Inner Core. There are also about a dozen less invaders in the Milky Way. Mission status: Complete success! biggrin

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SAC Alert Re: Silver Arrows Training Expedition

Post by Ryleous Arkane (SA_ORION) on Thu 20 Jan 2011 - 15:16

Yep good times, things got a little crazy when you and TWC disappeared... Crewman Inflkt did very well on his first run in the Inner Core though, so congrats and well done pilot! biggrin Thumb Up


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