MODDB 2009 MOTY / Crossfire 1.8 Release !

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MODDB 2009 MOTY / Crossfire 1.8 Release !

Post by sa_admin on Wed 23 Dec 2009 - 14:31

MODDB 2009 MOTY / Crossfire 1.8 Release !

Mod of the Year Awards

Here is an official announcement sent by email to SWAT members about MOTY contest and CF 1.8 Release :

"Fellow passionate gamers,

The 2009 Mod of the Year Awards event is up and running. For the past few years Crossfire has reached the Top 100.
We would like to thank you all for your kind support! Without your votes this would not have been possible.

This year again we need your votes; not only for Crossfire but all the other brilliant mods that made this game immortal. The communities and modders have kept this great game alive for the last seven years - and the game will hopefully live on for many more years. Your support is decisive to us Freelancers. Despite the fact that many players have left over the years, the many Mods
Freelancer has to offer attracted a lot of new people, and many veterans came back.

However, a game cannot survive without any support. We encourage you to have a look at all the Freelancer Mods on We need you to vote!

A new year approaches and with it a little surprise. Crossfire 1.8 will be released in the first week of 2010 and will push the game to the next level. Fantastic story, next generation graphics and perfect gameplay. For more information and many screenshots and videos please go to:
Don't forget to vote for us!

We look forward seeing you on our server in January.

The SWAT Team wishes a Merry Christmas to you and your families and a Happy New Year 2010!

Kind Regards,

The SWAT Team"

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