Promotions following the return of the Discovery

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Promotions following the return of the Discovery

Post by sa_admin on Sun 15 Nov 2009 - 23:27

Promotions following the return of the Discovery

The SAC has announced today that some members of crew of the returned flagship Discovery, which has been lost in DK space for over 5 months, will be promoted this week. Notably, the Commanding Officer of the Discovery and also leader of Alpha Wing, Sam Thomas, will be promoted from Captain to Rear-Admiral.

"His devotion to bringing his crew back safely and his loyalty have been rewarded with this promotion", said the SAC Chief Officer Admiral Franklin O'Neil.

Also, the Second Officer of Alpha Wing, Nicolás Salvador Cañones, is promoted from Lieutenant-Commander to Commander. "TANGO, like we call him, is a very loyal and devoted friend and he deserves this recognition", said Rear-Amiral Thomas.

Other courageous officers will be promoted in the ceremony held on the Discovery's main deck over Planet Manhattan Friday.

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