Discovery reappearence

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Discovery reappearence

Post by sa_admin on Tue 27 Oct 2009 - 21:54

reappearence !

To everyone's surprise, the Silver Arrows flagship Discovery jumped out of warp in Sol today !

Partial communication of the Discovery intercepted by the SAC earlier this season were indeed originated from deep Dom K'vash space.

Not much detail is known yet about what happened to the flagship but the SAC assures the families of the crew that everyone who left with the ship has return without any incident.

Discovery's Captain, Sam Thomas, was quoted as saying :

"It is a relief to come back home, all alive and well. [...] This journey has been difficult for every men on this ship and everyone deserve recognition for their bravery and courage during these difficult times. All the crew will remain on the ship until we reach the SAC on Manhattan. The organization has already prepared transports for families to meet their own when the ship docks to Neward. More debriefing will be held with the SAC later on with the Senior Crew of the Discovery. If you excuses me, I have men to bring to their families."

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