Possible Discovery transmission

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Possible Discovery transmission

Post by sa_admin on Sun 14 Jun 2009 - 11:51

Possible Discovery transmission

The SAC received earlier this week a scrambled audio transmission that might have been issued by the lost battleship Discovery. Experts of the organization found out that the message was encrypted with the common SA algorithm for their private channels.

For now, only this part has been unscrambled :
Audio sequence :

Experts said that if this message has been sent from another sector of the Dom k'vash space, this means that the transmission is old of many months. Altough, the message seems to inform that the crew managed to create a cloaking device on their ship to hide from the nomads and DK patrols, which may mean they can survive until a way home is found.

The search for the lost flagship Discovery that was coming to an end due to failure then continues with a new hope of seeing the Captain Thomas and his crew back on Manhattan.
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