Aleksei Akhmanova - Backfire

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Aleksei Akhmanova - Backfire

Post by aleksei on Wed 3 Nov 2010 - 9:27

Name: Aleksei Akhmanova
Birthplace: Freeport 5 Station
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Personal log nr.45-32:
Today is my first solo space flight. My uncle lent me his starflier, it's an old ship, not much sting to it, but it handles like a wasp. Heh, can't wait to get behind the flight stick and see what a real ship feels like. The instructor said it's a simple one-on-one training mission. Shouldn't be too hard.
*End Log entry*

Personal log nr.45-33:
It went pretty well. Banged the ship a bit in the asteroids though and for a moment I lost the captain from my scanners. After a couple of minutes he was back though. We were fortunate, there were no corsairs patrolling today. I got another flight scheduled tomorrow, this time we're going to traverse the jump hole to Omega-11. Most people lose their lunch through those damn things, but I got to learn how to use them. I've been hearing strange rumors around the station about the captain, but he's a good man and I'd rather not listen to bitter old drunken pilots. The only thing that has got me nervous are the reports of increased chatter in the nearby systems. A lot of chatter means a lot of ships, my grandpa always said.
*End Log entry*

Personal log nr.45-34 transcript *Voice input*:
I'm hurrying to get ready for my flight. I've spent the last 3 hours modifying my ship for mines. A trader sold these mines to me, they seem quite old and unpredictable, but I need any edge I can get out there. *Com ringin* "Get your ass down to the docks, I ain't waitin all day!"
*End Log entry*

Freeport 5 scanner log:
- 12:04 SRT (standard rotation time) Starflier reg nr.1334 undocks from hangar 2.
- 12:14 Starflier nr.1334 departed through an unregistered jumphole. Scanner contact lost

Comm. channel transcript nr.9-G4-****:

Captain B***** ********: Stay frosty men. We don't know what's lurking out here. Lieutenant power down weapons and direct all power to scanners. Let's get a quick sweep and head back. I don't want to stay anymore then we need to.
Lieutenant D**** M******: Roger that. Diverting power to scanners .. whoa .. unusual readings, heading:243 mark 3.
Cpt: Let's go in for a close view. Alpha 8 and 6 form up on the Lt. Lt keep those scanner at maximum range.
A8: Roger. A6: Understood!
Lieutenant: Getting a reading. Ships detected! 1 Starflier and 1 Stormcrow. Dead in space. Unusual power reading around them. Recommend powering weapons.
[On-Board Comp: Incoming missile]
[On-Board Comp: Warning engine damaged]
Cpt : Where the hell did that come from? Hostiles! Break and engage! Alpha 5 through 8 protect Alpha 2. The Lt's been hit! This is Cpt B***** ******** we're under attack by multiple hostiles! Unknown civilian ships in the area!
CnC ship:Our scanners show green Alpha Wing.But we are sending a squadron to investigate.ETA 20min.
Cpt:Goddammit we won't last that long.We need back up now!
CnC ship: Be advised cpt! Scanners now show three cap-ship class contacts moving in on your position. Moving to red alert, sending out strike wings. We advise retreating to rendezvous point Gamma.
Commander A*****: Alpha Wing this is Order Patrol Force moving to assist.
[Weapons fire]
[Heavy static]
*Communications jammed*
*Signal Lost*

Personal log nr.51-23 transcript *Voice input*:
This is bad, this is real bad. The captain just fired on my ship and took out my engines and scanners. Now he's just standing there. I have to reengage the engines and get the hell out of here. "Scanners online" *Computer alert* "Warning multiple contacts detected" Oh fuck, don't tell me, computer decrypt hail signal. "Hail signals decrypted,error while decrypting.Contacts 1-10,Rhineland Navy;Contacts 10-30 Order;Contacts 30-80 unknown"
What the hell is going on out there? "Warning.Capital ship class detected.Range 50m and closing."
Come on!Come on! "Engines engaged" YES!! I'm out of here!
[Weapons hit] "Shields at 50%"
Shit, the captain's still after me. I'm not going down without a fight!
I got you in my sights you bastard. [Weapons misfire] Damn! They must be damaged. Computer check status of weapons.*Forward guns offline, available systems: Thruster, Counter-Measure dropper, Mine launcher. Warning impact trigger offline."
I've got an idea. Let's see how you like this!
[Rapid multiple launches of flares][Releasing mine]
[Mine Explodes]
Haha, I got you! You bastard! He's disabled, powering cruise .. let's get out of here.
[Incoming Missile]
What the hell?
*Incoming transmission* Unknown ship, this is the Order Patrol ship Redemption power down weapons and dock immediately or you will be destroyed.
[Multiple weapon hits]
*End log entry*
[Ship explodes]

Medical Assistant's log nr.194-9345 transcript *Voice input*:
We managed to salvage the escape pods of most of the Rhineland Navy patrol. Apparently they were sent on a routine patrol. But we recovered multiple Alien Artifacts from the surviving ships. The commander told me to check for unusual energy patterns in their bio-scans but nothing came up. We also recovered an unknown pilot. I heard his ship was destroyed by the alien ships.He's a little banged up but he should make a complete recovery. He now has a deep scar on his right cheek. When he wakes up maybe we'll know why he was out here.

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