Application - Restovski Zhirov [In Trial]

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SAC Alert Application - Restovski Zhirov [In Trial]

Post by Briggs on Mon 20 Apr 2015 - 20:07

Restovski Zhirov

~Requested Callsign~

~Place/Date of Birth~
Planet Medina, 2986 A.D.

~Flight Experience/Previous Expertise~
Former Coalition captain, long-term transport escort, temporary leader of Lane Hacker pirate faction (DIscovery mod)

(Out of RP)~How long have you played Freelancer/Crossfire~
Played the campaign several times back around 2006-2007, started playing Discovery mod around 2010. Played a good deal from then until now, with maybe 1 year's worth of a hiatus inbetween, just started Crossfire in the last few weeks.

~Why do you want to join the SA~
I love PvE, I really like to roleplay in Freelancer, and SEQAN HAS A GUN TO MY HEAD OH GOD PLEASE HEL-

~What's your timezone~

~Your Skype ID~

~Last but not least, are there any things you want to tell us before we review your application?~
My main Freelancer experience is in the form of capital ships and bombers. You've been warned.

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Character sheet
Name: Restovski Zhirov
Callsign: Briggs
Assigned Unit: Training Academy

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SAC Alert Re: Application - Restovski Zhirov [In Trial]

Post by Zeroth on Mon 20 Apr 2015 - 20:42

Yeah...Connor always had a way with words...and firearms. Usually if he drags someone in at gunpoint, they're worth looking into. The decision isn't solely up to me, of course...but if Connor dragged you in here, you've got my backing as well.


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Name: Owen Mason
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SAC Alert Re: Application - Restovski Zhirov [In Trial]

Post by Trinity on Wed 22 Apr 2015 - 8:57

Dear Mr Zhirov,

The SAHC has received your application and it has been reviewed. Your knowledge of the universe seems vast, yet you are still to explore the new areas of Crossfire. The name you mentioned in your application is an assurance to us that you are going to work hard to achieve the requirements and thus be accepted with the Silver Arrows. So with that concluded, you are hereby accepted in the recruitment process. You will be added to the Skype Comms and you will start your recruitment today. You WILL NOT use the SA tag yet until you are cleared to do so.

Welcome to the Recruitment process.

Rear-Admiral Hasashi,
SA Clan Leader
Director of Staff & Resources

Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral

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Name: Hanzo Hasashi
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SAC Alert Re: Application - Restovski Zhirov [In Trial]

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