The Silver Arrows Clan Benefits

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SAC Alert The Silver Arrows Clan Benefits

Post by Trinity_ on Thu 21 Aug 2014 - 13:44


Access to sector maps, system maps, various data on wrecks, ships, etc, etc. in each system in our database.

Access to clan funds to help get your fighters, trade ships and capital ships up, running and fully upgraded asap.

Access to the latest technology in weaponry, defensive and support systems and information on where to find these items.

Unrestricted access to the Silver  Arrows clan system, Omega-3. Our home is a border world system that contains the GMG Hypergate and GMG Hypergate Station/Ion Cannon Control Center and the station is also home to a outpost of the Silver  Arrows Command for Inner Core sector mission operations and expeditions by the Silver  Arrows Protector Fleet.

A great, friendly and easy to work with atmosphere; in a fun, role-play environment as a military-structured outfit.  This comes complete with rewards (badges, medals and pins) for participation in server events, exploration, defensive, offensive actions against aliens and in humanitarian distinctions.

Newly added are Achievements medals and Rank restricted missions for those who are more time in space and show strong will to meet special exactly given requirements (RP, Exploration, PvP, Wealth, ... ).

Each member will receive also an official Silver  Arrows signature for use on forums to show others his accomplishments and rank as well.

For those who prefer more fights with NPCs we have many missions in dangerous systems with hostile aliens. One from our "duties" is defend Sirius people against Alien threats, so you can spent majority of your time in "For Humans hostile systems" in Sirius, Altair and Inner Core and hunt aliens if is it your wish. We greatly value dog-fighting skills and talent, but we aren't heavily reliant on player vs. player ability for clan entry, although it's always a plus and welcomed.

If you love to venture out to the farthest reaches of the Crossfire mod, or just want to increase your knowledge of the Crossfire mod in general, you'll be right at home with the Silver  Arrows, as one of our objectives is exploration and mapping, as well as intelligence gathering.


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