IOC and Coalition operation in Altair 2014-05-23

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SAC Alert IOC and Coalition operation in Altair 2014-05-23

Post by Guest on Wed 14 May 2014 - 14:11

(IOC)Silverfox wrote:
Friday 16.05 at 20:00 ST - Time remain:
There will be similar expedition next week - sorry for those who can't make it

IOC and Coalition Joint Venture feat.
DK Mothership Hunt™

IOC has contacted the Coalition regarding common activities in Dom'Kavash-controlled space.

  1. We have made a mining agreement in the Hieron system and Jokusuka system, where IOC takes care of all mining.
  2. The Coalition wants to establish a Space Station in the Jokusuka system. Planet Balboa has been targeted as a possible object.

Expedition goals:

  • deploy automated Construction Machinery and orbiting satellites at Planet Balboa
  • defend Coalition Storage Depot for about 30 minutes (killing all intruding Dom'Kavash ships), to confirm that the equipment at Planet Balboa is operational and Storage Depots are intact
  • gather materials from surrounding asteroids and bring samples to IOC in New Hongkong system, Altair sector.

Bring the ship that gives you most fun, that's all. BS and Repair Ships is a must (for speed and survivability).
Bringing a Bomber or Repair Ship and surviving this mission will give you 40 mill. credits Surprised
Bringing ammo/supplies is mandatory for non-fighters - Nemesis Missiles, Cataclysm Missiles, Sunslayer Torpedoes, Adv. Countermeasures, etc.

Mission Warning: In these system Dom'Kavash spawn all the time - this is NOT an easy mission, be prepared!

Meet us at either Battleship Deliverance, Sol sector, or Gorlowka Carrier, Sovetskaya, Altair sector for joining this mission


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SAC Alert Re: IOC and Coalition operation in Altair 2014-05-23

Post by Guest on Wed 21 May 2014 - 1:30

New operation is planned on this week end - Friday 23th. Details and updates are posted HERE.


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