Police clan systems has been invaded, X-3043 blockades

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SAC Alert Police clan systems has been invaded, X-3043 blockades

Post by Guest on Mon 14 Apr 2014 - 11:54

Police clan systems has been invaded, X-3043 blockades
Silver Arrows Command (SAC)

Police central located on GMG base in Omega-3 system want inform all crossfire citizens, that pirates in past few weeks significantly increased theirs activity. This activity is among other things presented with invasions into police home systems.

In last few weeks were all police clan systems invaded, last attack was carried out yesterday in Custodian system. Attacks were in most of cases done by numerous attackers, mostly freelancer pirates (the same persons). In some cases were present also pirate clan members ...

These space rats use advanced tactics based on choosing proper time to strike, usually when they have optimal number advantage 2vs1. Officers have theirs role more difficult because simple fact - freelancers do not have any place which they need defend, and this offers them unlimited possibilities to chose time and place for strikes. Such advantage of course do not counts for pirate clan members ... (guess what this mean)

Further news is tactics based on "blocking X". Police officer flying through there is usually attacked by all present criminals, which it looks get used to count central crossfire system as theirs ground.


Police want therefore warn all civilian pilots, that especially X-3043 system is needed to take as very hazardous place and is very recommended to be on high alert all the time when they are there.

Police also want warn all criminals involved in above mentioned activities (no matter if they will use "safe" unlicensed or neutral licensed ships), that they can't count with any mercy, "fair acting", warning or similar once they will be in police ships attack range.

--Silver Arrows News Channel


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