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SAC Alert Tarsus invaded

Post by Guest on Thu 10 Apr 2014 - 6:37

Tarsus invaded
CFPD - Crossfire Police Department Clan sign

SAC Archives 3014/04/05 - Tarsus system, Station Hope: This time all started very quietly,  some pirates and also officers and few other civilian pilots were doing weapons testing in Arena system and there was no sign that criminals plans another aggression aimed on police.

Admiral Forlon noted: I was in training fight with fellow officer Walmart, when suddenly came distress call from CFPD officer Azimut. I was in first moment confused, but then I saw that all these space rats, which were only a short time before in Arena, are not here ... Next surprising find was, that they all moved to Tarsus, CFPD police home system, and started there an invasion! Training protocols on my ship were resetted, were loaded combat subroutines and navigation computer was set for the fastest route to Tarsus ...

This time was fight for Tarsus defenders more as a nightmare as something else. Police forces were totally unprepared for such aggression and this not only because numerous skilled attackers. Pirates presented by Joker, Aurelcici, ECY, Jollier, Dom'Setek and |LC|Soul pushed very hard, and only heavy ships usage had saved police defenders (officers CFPD Azimut, BG Haggisfudge, Forlon, Walmart and mercenaries Vendeta and |DP|denne) from total defeat. It took really long time and Station Hope was seriously damaged, before pirates decided to leave.

Admiral Forlon from battleship Nomos bridge: Hard times, we did smaller and also bigger mistakes here and we paid for this a high price. This battle also very clearly showed, that if we want to be a winning party next time, we need seriously improve tactics and combat leading.

--Silver Arrows News Channel


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