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SAC Alert Trading interrrupted

Post by Guest on Fri 4 Apr 2014 - 7:18

Trading interrupted
New Berlin, fight near Dortmund and Essen stations

SAC Archives 3014/04/03 - New Berlin system, Dortmund & Essen stations: One from very good short trading routes was available this day in New Berlin system. Many pilots, included these flying under Silver Arrows flag, decided to use this occasion for rise theirs wealth. Rumors say that some traders were able earn there several hundred millions that day. But everything have its begin and also the end. Police central located on Planet New Berlin sent warning signal that few unidentified small ships is approaching New Berlin from Sigma-13. Shortly after Brandenburg Border Station informed, that scanners captured ship IDs for three well known ruthless pirates: Joker, Aurelcici and ECY.

Fleet-Admiral Forlon later commented: My ship was only  one combat police ship available at that time in New Berlin and was very clear, that under such conditions was not possible assure traders safety. All trading ships were instructed to leave area as fast as possible and police central on Planet New Berlin was instructed search asap for every possible assistance. First response to the call for help has been made by Russian mercenary flying under nick ANyBIs and shortly after also from |DP| clan mercenary denne. Next to this in Sirius space operated also another officer Walmart which immediately changed his ship course to New Berlin.

Badly out-gunned alone officer, trying to defend (without much success) against three pirates near Dortmund & Essen stations, was more as happy when arrived first reinforcement (ANyBIs). Two vs three was much better, and when arrived also another above mentioned two pilots was fight balance nicely shifted in favor for police side. Pirates resistance was strong, but their ships were getting more and more damage. This alas worked the same way for officers and hired mercenaries ... so at one moment was there space fully filled with guns projectiles, lasers, CDs, torps and missiles and in next moment both sides headed to docks for repairs. Law and order in New Berlin was restored and traders returned to continue with their business.

--Silver Arrows News Channel


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