Pirates assault in Alaska

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SAC Alert Pirates assault in Alaska

Post by Guest on Wed 19 Mar 2014 - 11:58

Pirates assault in Alaska
Fight in Alaska

SAC Archives 3014/03/17 - Alaska system, Juneau Shipyard: Seriously damaged small chimera fighter piloted by Fleet-Admiral Forlon was heading to Juneau's docks. Ship got damage in X-3043 during fight with pirate belongs to |LC|clan. "It was initially only small investigation flight to Planet Crossfire where local authorities reported heavy battle in space. Ship scanners showed two fighting pirate fighters and one pirate battleship floating near planet dock ring. Because there were only fighting criminals, was no reason to rush into suicide fight." commented later Admiral, "I turned my ship and headed back, when my ship sensors suddenly triggered warning about incoming missiles. In short but ruthless fight I destroyed attacker and decided to run away. Situation get more interesting when to X arrived another officer from BG clan. Decision was made to move first to Alaska for repairs and after decide about next steps."

Plan to invite pirates for "hunt run across Sirius space" was canceled at the beginning. Two experienced |LC| pilots arrived to Juneau fast and blocked there BG officer. Was no other option as to fight and police side was forced to stay on defense at that time. This however changed when to Alaska arrived another officer Walmart which immediately joined fight. Now had pirates disadvantage and needed to fight in defense for some time until BG officer ship lost engines and was unable to continue and Walmart ship was unable repairs due low finances. Last remaining officer was prepared for heavy fight and attempt for run away to Midpoint Rift, but pirates had also enough and space around Juneau was suddenly calm again.

Debriefing: "Pirates activity recently increased significantly and this action in Alaska was only logical evolution. Police forces will need to start preparations asap, work on cooperation and gather more resources before will be too late."

--Silver Arrows News Channel


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