The Fight for Vega

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SAC Alert The Fight for Vega

Post by Josh Sanders on Thu 13 Mar 2014 - 8:50

It was a simple day in space. Slight PvP training in the Arena and I was moving my new Battleship to Altair so I could outfit it and pick up some Adv. Flak Turrets for my two other Battleships. On my return trip I was contacted by Admiral Forlon requesting my assistance in the testing of his new equipment. I will never turn down a chance to train with this pilot. His ability to turn is amazing. He moves like a shadow and I am the light. If I look he is gone.

He had me move to Vega so he could test his gear in peace. He was haveing difficulties. We fought "guns only" for a time while he tested and re-tested. LC Asmodious...the leader of the Pirate Scum in Sirius space, decided this was not exceptable and decided to try and test our mettle. He requested a fine of 1 million each....Admiral Forlon's reply was, "Die." This pirate met his end many times. He stood no chance against our combo. Forlon with his missles that don't miss and my guns/cd's constantly supressing him.

This pirate decided to call for back-up. Aurelcici answered his call. Admiral Forlon insturcted that we move to the Planet and set up a defensive perimeter. The pirates where not organized at first and met there end. Finally they managed to dock on the planet and the fight was on. A 2v2 between The Great Admial Forlon, Myself and two pirates, Aurelcici and LC Asmodeous.

The fight raged on for some time. No side gaining an advantage for very long. The victories seemed to be limited to the amount of Ammo that was left on a ship. Focusing one target at a time with constant supression only worked for a short time. Then we had to change tactics. I had to focus my fire on the opposite ship that was fighting the Admiral. Constant CD's and gun suppression, giving Admiral Forlon the highest chance to kill his target and turn on the next. LC Asmodeous was the hardest to kill. His ability to move was amazing. He seemed to be twice as fast as Aurel. Aurel seemed to be twice as deadly. Focusing all this efforts on maximum pain. Round after round, with the advantage changing sides frequently, made this an amazing experience.

I feel that the next time we get into a scrap I will be much more effiecent due to this single battle for Vega. If I had to pick a single victor it would be Forlon with the most kills. If there was a team that won....well this was very close. I can swing either way and can call it closer to a draw. If the pirates wish to debate this ruling........SA will be in space.


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SAC Alert Re: The Fight for Vega

Post by Guest on Thu 13 Mar 2014 - 10:42

Hehe, very nice story  biggrin Thumb Up  ... I think most kills had Aurel, but there for sure was only slight difference overall in "score" so both sides enjoyed this fight  Salute


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