Merc, Pirates, Police and Karma

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Merc, Pirates, Police and Karma

Post by Josh Sanders on Thu 13 Feb 2014 - 18:19

Known throughout history as ruthless killers and heartless takers of all they desire. There is one fact that cannot be ignored though.....They are skilled fighters. Warriors on there own path. Even there leader is chosen from within. Rank does not matter to these lawless pilots. Only the ability to be the most efficent killer. Patrolling Sirius in pursuit of any who may be taxed for profit. Stay vigilant these pilots will give you no quater. They pray on the weak and crush the strong.

Today was not a day to be a pirate. It meant your ultimate defeat. The officer Stass-Allie was death incarnate. Systematically erasing any who broke the law. He alone kept Sirius safe on this day. His skill was something to behold. Death after death as if he was born to send heathens to hell. There was no threat pod farming or trading as long as he was watching. A vigilant Father protecting his children. I tried to particpate in a couple of these fights and instantly realized I was outmatched. Even in my Itiron. I flew in to New Berlin and tried to attack the pirate Viper who was fighting Stass-Allie. I hit the docking ring with my inital battery and all hope of being involved was lost in the wind. I almost died to NPC's while trying to hit Viper who was all over the place. I had to kll the NPC's and retreat. A server restart saved me from a long journey on reparing my reputation. It still amazes me how much skill some of the pilots I meet have. Truly a sight to behold. Wanderer camped Tx. He was a threating presence for any pod farmer in the Oasis. Stass-Allie rid the system of this burden after many fights. Wanderer does not easily surrender.

The executioners of Sirius. They float almost aimlessly from job to job. Either killing for a bounty or working for pirates or police. They are masters of reputation. They live on a razor thin line. Very skilled at escape or assault.

It was all about the Mercs this afternoon. SA_FUD entered his ship in Texas. The call rang out, to all mercs, that he had a bounty set by the notorious pirate LC PirateSoul. The blood in the water was thick. Three mercs answered this call. All seemed to appear in the system at once. Two Itiron Battelships piloted by BigMommy and Zwecgwerk was something to see. Almost in formation on the hunt for SA_FUD. Denne was in his VHF. He wanted this particular bounty like no other bounty. He was brave to even arrive when he had a bounty on his head set by the leader of SA, Admiral Martind Forlon. SA_FUD turned his Destroyer into a rabbit. He was gone before the first shot was fired. Poof, like smoke....maybe even some luck.

Denne was not so lucky. His merc brethren no longer saw him as friend. He had fallen off his razor thin line of exsistance. The two battleships attacked. Denne had no chance. Nobody told him that though. He turned into a leaf on the wind. Dodging battery after battery while dropping battleship shields. It was truly a sight to see. For a time it almost looked like he might win. One mistake led to his death. He turned from hero to vapor....smoke.....with no luck.

I am Lieutenant Joshua Sanders enlisted in the Silver Arrows police clan. We Explore. We Defend. As an officer we must act honorably in all situations. Available to help all who need it. Pirates actively persue us. Mercs pretend to love us but salivate at the thought of hunting us. Smugglers are phantoms. They are extemly hard to catch and run illegal goods all over Sirius.

Once the Merc BigMommy had collected the bounty from Denne........he had broken the law. Now, finally, I could act. I instantly hired Denne to help me dispatch this Itiron Battleship. We flew after this Battleship. BigMommy's ability to fly his Itiron was instantly paramount. I was worried at first when his barrage came my way. Then I saw Denne punishing this decision. He fired on Denne and I had my chance. This dance continued for a long time. Longer than is should have. BigMommy was flying like he was apart of his vessel. He breathed and felt that battleship. He also drew his last breath in that ship. He died with honor. After undocking he instantly blew my ship out of space. Karma, is an ugly thing. Denne was hired again and we began our pursuit of the elusive Itiron. This was nothing like the past dance. This was a chase. Engine kill was the battleships highest priority. He could of easily out distanced us but he would just turn around and fly right past us. Denne grew tired of this game and went to reload. I could not allow this battleship to kill me without a fight. I fought the good fight for as long as I could. The Itiron came out the victor in this battle.

All pilots acted honorably. Every fight ended in "gf."

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Re: Merc, Pirates, Police and Karma

Post by Guest on Fri 14 Feb 2014 - 16:39

Very nicely written!  Thumb Up Salute 


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