Darkmatter : The lost Freelancer 2014-01-20

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SAC Alert Darkmatter : The lost Freelancer 2014-01-20

Post by Josh Sanders on Tue 21 Jan 2014 - 20:57

Date: 2014-01-20
Time: 9:30 (server time)

Temporary Wing: Rescue Wing Bravo
Wing Commander: AI Loyal
1) Rooster
2) Bandit

The Hunt for Darkmatter

AI Loyal sent out an SA wide message requesting assistance in the recovery of the lost freelancer Darkmatter. The freelancer had traveled into the unknowns and was now stuck on Planet Paradise. As CF police we live for the protection of it's citizens. The response was quick and efficient.

AI Loyal led the small recon team into the unknowns and to Planet Paradise. The resistence of the Nomad hoards was futile and pathetic. It was a systematic dance of destruction. One after another the simple tatics of the Nomads fell like rain onto the planet. Liches, Battleships, Gungoats, Strike Carriers all perished.

Commander Loyal ordered that SA Ensign Rooster and SA applicant Bandit stay behind while he transported the Freelancer to safety. The AI's logic was unfailing and unquestioned by his subordinantes. His instant calculations and AI brain make him a supurb leader. His ability to feel no pain an to never experience emotion make his decisions simple and accurate.
Ensign Rooster and applicant bandit began there fight. Little did Applicant Bandit know, this was his test. This was his moment. His time to prove his worth to the AI. His first challenge. The Trial of FIre.

To experienced SA pilots the challenge is simple. Kill all who come leave none to tell about it. This is exactly how Bandit handled the situation. His skills were paramount his aim was true. Keeping a cool head he easily dispatched all Nomads that crossed his path. I, Ensign Rooster witnessed his skills as a pilot and gladly welcome him as Crewman Bandit. Again the AI has put me in a situation to learn. I learned much during this encounter. I learned how to keep my wingmens range to protect his flank. To juggle which enemies I dispatch to maximise our efficiency.

We continued to fight until the call came from AI Loyal to land on Planet Paradise. His debriefing was simple. This is what I have come to expect from this mysterious AI. Sometimes he even hints at a "congratulations." Truth be told, I would rather be on his team than against him. I am not sure the events that transpired after the AI dispatched the wing. I do know this. SA applicant Bandit became a Crewman in the Silver Arrows. His trial complete. His mettle proven.

This mission was a simple response to a Freelancer distress signal. If you find yourself alone in space. Just know SA is watching.

All photos will be added later and are compliments of the AI Loyal.

Josh Sanders

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SAC Alert Re: Darkmatter : The lost Freelancer 2014-01-20

Post by Loyal on Tue 21 Jan 2014 - 21:59

----------Mission Statement----------

Has and was an outstanding performance from both Ensign Rooster and Crewman Bandit. The teamwork shown was an excellent sight to see. As our Silver Arrows improve, our moral rises and also turns into dangerous opponents to be reckoned with. Even if it was a fleet of CSF we would come forth with the victory due to Ensign Rooster and Crewman Bandit that show great teamwork. Be advised these missions may arise more and more.

Commander Loyal

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SAC Alert Re: Darkmatter : The lost Freelancer 2014-01-20

Post by Guest on Wed 22 Jan 2014 - 2:28

Good work!  Thumbsup 

All participating SA pilots will receive 1 Defensive point.  Salute 


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SAC Alert Re: Darkmatter : The lost Freelancer 2014-01-20

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