Silver Arrows Expedition #0856 : SUCCESS !

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Silver Arrows Expedition #0856 : SUCCESS !

Post by sa_admin on Sat 10 Jul 2010 - 18:53

Silver Arrows Expedition #0856 : SUCCESS !

Reports from deep Inner Core system Weth, from Silver Arrows Vice-Admiral Sam Thomas, indicate the mission was a success ! The Dom fleet has been destroyed and many aliens fighters were taken down on the way to the Ryssk System. Humanity will be able to breathe for a while longer.

"Thanks to all those courageous pilots who helped mankind today !", exclamed SA Vice-Admiral Thomas in his report. "Its sad we lost pilots during this expedition but their deaths were not in vein. Humanity will survive once more against these aliens", added SA Lt-Commander Ryleous Arkane.

Indeed, few men were lost on the journey but many got back in one piece. The official report also mention many valuable equipment to study for the Cambridge institute in Bretonia.

The Silver Arrows Operation Center (SAOC) wants to thank all the participating pilots that made this expedition successful:

  • Rex Nebular (Killed In Action)
  • *Abras_Devil* (Killed In Action)
  • Mellon
  • (IOC)Centaurian_Alpha
  • [UR]Psyclone
  • [UR]M8
  • [UR]freefalcon
  • [UR]geodor
  • |PX|-X-/li>
  • SA Recruit ZEROTH (NemesisZero)

The War is not over yet but we definitely won the day. Remain prepared for future threats !

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