Freelancer Account Manager NG v1.2

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SAC Alert Freelancer Account Manager NG v1.2

Post by Guest on Sat 25 May 2013 - 9:02

Thanks to Utrack is possible now use rly nice looking IDs (accounts) manager. Is working also under Win 8.

Utrack wrote:Manage, generate and use your IDs and export to others

- Supports FLAM v1 and its own internal format (for export too)
- Built-in account generator (thanks to Cannon and Kazinsal)
- Can export many accounts at once (hold CTRL when choosing accounts)
- FL launcher (you can create shortcuts to apply account and launch FL without running FAM2; every command line option for FL is supported too)
- Groups

Executable file is available for download: HERE (not need to install!)


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