SA and IOC - Diplomacy status

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SAC Alert SA and IOC - Diplomacy status

Post by Guest on Tue 7 May 2013 - 17:09

SA and IOC - Diplomacy status
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Silver Arrows Command (SAC) wants to inform that on 29th Apr did changed diplomacy level between SA and IOC to NEUTRAL.

Lately were more times SA police vessels under IOCs ship's fire, was placed bounties on SA officers performing patrols duties and was seen tight cooperation between IOC and pirate clan SMG pilots. Those actions were not possible overlook and with diplomacy status change was also decided to withdraw Defense agreement with IOC.

SA as police organization still can be called by any IOC pilot to defend Casius if invaded and SA will still respect IOC clan home system (as long as will IOC respect SA home Omega-3). Free access to Omega-3 and trading rights are still valid.

--Silver Arrows News Channel


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