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Lord Hakkera:

Was officially a Kusari Potentate, specifically, the Prefect of Honshu.
Unofficially, he is an agent of the Order, and acts as one of their primary contacts in Kusari.
Hakkera is a major character, having multiple speaking parts in the game as well as flying with
Trent during some missions. As Hakkera leads a double life as both a government official and a
secret agent for the Order, while also maintaining contacts with the staunchly anti-government Blood Dragons,
it can be surmised that he is an exceptional individual, possessing great courage and discipline.
Lord Hakkera is a complex character, with his actions bridging the divide between the extremes of
the radical and idealistic Blood Dragons and the day-to-day needs of the Kusari people for stability.
Hakkera likely shares the dream of the Blood Dragons to eradicate corruption from Kusari society,
but chooses to work within the system to affect change.

Do to stress of the wars and his elevated age he has retired from his potentate rolls in kusari, and will be no longer
be known as Lord Hakkera. For a short time he was RON1N, RON!N, Master Ronin however he now operates as a full member of the Silver Arrow clan. While still operating mostly in kusari space on behalf of the Japanese descendants who live there. Though his lineage is from very poor fisherman stock he uses his inherited superior navigating and piloting skills to become a expert
aces in space.

So if you need to hire a semi-retired war hero for a war near you just call on a expert SA_HAKKERA!

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