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SAC Alert Forlon stories

Post by Guest on Sat 9 Feb 2013 - 14:59

20 years ago, New York: Manhattan is shrouded in dark clouds with heavy freezing rain and wind. Silver Arrows headquarters on Manhattan was on alert due ongoing fights in Ryssk system where were SA ships only as observers ... innumerable Dom'Kavash and Warriors fleets were annihilating there each other without mercy. Small airport located in SA's headquarter area was activated and it looked that they expect visit very soon.

Few minutes after airport lights activation in the sky showed 4 red flickering lights and in next moment came closer big dark shadow. In those terrible weather conditions only radar sensors were able tells that incoming ship is APC named SA_Trader01. This ship piloted by Lieutenant-Commander Ryleous Arkane was returning from long way back from Weth. But something was not normal, SA ships usually used main Manhattan spaceport and in terrible weather was docking on small private airport hazardous.

APC docked, ship engines stopped and from rear headquarters exit hurried medical squad. Shortly after they left the ship with someone on a stretcher. Lieutenant-Commander face did not smile this time, was easy to find that he not believe, that unknown person (which he got from Kavash on Mirttrak and which was in critical shape) will survive more as few hours.

Medical facility, SA headquarters: In white room center is located big bio tank. Medical robot controls tank control panel and just started memory recovery/backup procedure. Is critically important retrieve informations from man floating without move inside tank.

First informations which appear on medical computer display are name Forlon, device, damaged escape pod and Ryssk system. After this is system suddenly overloaded and collapsed. Medical robot not knew feelings, but if he had some, he would have looked on system collapse with astonishment, never before happen something like this. Signal for urgent human assistance is being sent ...

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SAC Alert Re: Forlon stories

Post by Guest on Wed 13 Feb 2013 - 14:48

reserved for stories entry

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SAC Alert Log, 06/3013

Post by Guest on Fri 28 Jun 2013 - 6:25

3013-06-26, Omega-3, SAOC: 'Good evening Admiral', greeted cheaf-mechanic Admiral Forlon which entered main Hangar. 'We have here for you small surprise, I think you will like it' he continued. After this he pointed to one from maintenance docks where was on gravitic propulsors floating 'old' Flathead VHF. 'Don't tell me you were able made it operational ...' told Admiral with astonishment. 'Yes we did, and not only, please jump to cockpit and check controls' replied chief-mechanic. Admiral mind was full of old memories, his first ship, ship which he used to explore whole known universe and which ended its service many months ago. He did not hesitate and sat down into his old cockpit ... all control panels looked fully functional, everything was on its places except ... 'moment, what is this?!?' . One from panels was new here but his appearance looked familiar. But this one was much smaller as those usually placed on big ships where was used for ... 'How you did so no one give me know?' asked Admiral. 'Well, we finished little later as we planned, but result is worth this delay. Take it as your b-day's gift' replied chief-mechanic, 'Is fully armed and prepared for space again, in cargo you have 30 crystals, enough for testing and small operation' , added with smile.

Few minutes later Flathead VHF with label Explorer left hangar and entered space. 'Is about time to test a new toy', thought Admiral and his fingers quickly pressed few keys on new panel ... 'Device is warming up' told mechanical voice and few seconds later ship vanished from SAOC radars as if never existed. Thirty seconds later ship reappeared right before SAOC bridge window and watch-officer there had almost heart attack. Admiral activated ship's com, sent apology for this unplanned test and informed watch-officer about his patrol run.

Ship's systems diagnostic ended and everything looked good. 'OK, lets see where is needed police presence', thought Admiral and checked navigation computer. Soon he spotted two IOC ships on Liberty and Bretonia border space. Gate leading to Omega-7 was activated and small fighter vanished in jump.

Solo patrols were hard, but communication system showed in space another police officer from Blood Guards. Secure communication channel was estabilished and two police ships headed from different sides to last known IOC ships position. Was needed some time, but in the end were both targets found in Leeds. System scan just started when in open com channel sounded 'Tax request' to traders. Local police forces soon after sent coded message that was spotted well known and dangerous pirate from |LC| clan.

'Time for real field test', thought Admiral, when on his ship's sensors display appeared except two traders ships also red symbol representing hostile fighter.Cloaking device was activated and his ship vanished not only from sight but also from sensors. Thirty seconds could look as very short time, but always depend about circumstances. In space-fight it is huge amount of time which offered to police officer significant tactical advantage. Invisible police ship flying in cruise speed did turned and took a position only 200 m behind a pirate ship. All attack systems were activated and waited only for cloaking period end ... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... Despite a total surprise pirate showed quick reflexes and was able avoid his immediate destruction. But his ship was seriously damaged and fight ended only few seconds later. This time it was only temporary success because from explosion suddenly fired escape pod which successfully entered Planet Leeds atmosphere where vanished from a police ship's scanners. There was only very small chance that local police will be able catch him.

IOC traders in meantime waited on planet's orbit, Iteron battleship and holo equipped soulforge train peacefully watched fight. Theirs ships had only legal cargo and communication records showed that they paid tax to pirate before fight started. 'Clever decision to pay tax', thought Admiral, 'is very unlikely that BS will be able destroy small agile target like was pirate's fighter fast enough if he decided to take down train first. They are also clean now, well this can change anytime in future Smile'

'Who is next?', asked BG officer. 'We have here |DP| mercenary with criminal record, lets go to look for him Smile' replied Admiral Forlon. Soon after two police ships left Planet Leeds orbit and headed to nearest TL gate leading to New London.


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SAC Alert Re: Forlon stories

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