ASF vs CSF reports from actual combat week

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SAC Alert ASF vs CSF reports from actual combat week

Post by Guest on Sat 31 Mar 2012 - 5:21

I suggest read first this CSF article Smile

Link to original ASF report

CSF territory, Sigma-19, Luxury Liner Hawaii, 28/03/3012, late evening

ASF Logo
Small fighter was just prepared to dock on Liner deck. Nothing so surprising, this ship has many visitors every time. But one from Liner Watch Officers looked with a huge disbelief on small sign on ship side just below cockpit … sign which present blue phoenix ...

ASF Captain Martind Forlon relaxes in one from many luxury bathroom whirlpools on Liner deck. Last hours was real pleasure for him and despite fact that he disobeyed strict orders about solo movement in hostile territory he looked just fine.

LL Hawaii
Suddenly from his communicator lying below shawl came emergency signal. This one which should came only in really rough situation. Forlon raised his hand and accepted incoming transition. On display appeared ASF leader “Gunny” and his face reminds stone. "Forlon, what are you doing again?!? Maybe can be for you interesting that two CSF fighters are only two systems away from Sigma-19 and guess why they are coming to your actual location. You do not have more than 10 minutes before they arrive. We will talk soon! Evil or Very Mad "
Only few minutes passed when on Liner sounded alarm and ship few times shakes. Four ASF fighters appeared on Planet Hiran Orbit above Liner and disabled his turrets. Soon after launched from Liner fighter and joined ASF invasion forces.

There was no time for greetings, just after fighter undock, radar showed two red symbols. ASF leader Gunny and his wingmate Drale started engines and in short fight chased CSF patrol away. Little later was intercepted message that it was CSF leader {LP}50Pack personally.

CSF territory, Sigma-19, blue nebulae, Gas Miner Ogashawa, few minutes later

Alone ASF scout piloted by Rex Nebular was flying near Ogashawa and searching for CSF ships. But nebulae confused ship sensors and he saw them on radar almost too late. CSF patrol not pleased by ASF presence in Sigma-19 engaged him immediately and ship was highly damaged. In last moment arrived ASF attack wing (Drale and Gunny) and escorted him to safe base in Sigma-17. Behind them remained in gas clouds only two balls explosions. Another ASF wing (Husker, Forlon) started successfully block Ogashawa and despite station reinforcements coming to CSF forces were they slowly lose a fight.

But nothing last forever, few hours lasting operation in hostile territory and nebulae which heavily affect ships agility took his price also from ASF pilots. From ASF command came warning that more CSF ships are coming to battle area. Was time to tactical retreat. This battle was victorious, and there was no reason to continue ... will be another days and occasions for fight!

Long live the brave ASF!


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