ASF/CSF war is about to break out in Sirius

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ASF/CSF war is about to break out in Sirius

Post by sa_admin on Sat 15 May 2010 - 20:21

ASF/CSF war is about to break out in Sirius

The Silver Arrows Command is urging all members to prepare for the upcomign battles. The Alliance Star Fleet counts on the Silver Arrows and their allies to protect the unity of Sirius and all the colonies.

The SA Protector Fleet is assembling in the Omega-3 System forward to Alliance Commander Gunny's order.

Vice-Admiral Sam Thomas issued a statement to the press : "It's sad to see the conflict cannot be avoided. We do not like attacking other humans but we believe Sirius has to remain united to face the Dom races that we fight in the Inner Core. The Confederated Strike Forces will aim to seperate the colonies into distinctive communities, we do not believe we will fight exterior threats efficiently if we are not united as a single human society. Our usual allies, BG, CFPD, IOC and UR will side with us under the ASF banner to make sure our colonies remain united."

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