The Story behind SCORPION

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The Story behind SCORPION

Post by Trinity on Mon 23 Jan 2012 - 7:55

.... I don't really remember mine real name... All that i know that they took me from mine mother when i was a kid...

All that they knew is that i was not a human being, but we were looking the same as humans... Only with some differences. We were the Spectres,.. we lived in peace and harmony.. Our people never experienced any kind of war or rebelion... We were peaceful, trading goods with other aliens that came on our world.. Our people are very intelligent, we were scientist also, discovering new technologies that could improve everything, from breeding animals to better communication with other races.. Yes, we weren't alone on this planet..

.... I was raised on the Planet B7-X43, now known as Crete... We had no government, we had Chiefs that ruled a part of the land.. We almost never went outside our planet, althou we had ships... Really nice ships, but we almost never used them. The whole galaxy knew that we, the Spectres, would never get in an open conflict with any other race.. We were visited by the Dom'Kavash also.. They came in peace, to offer us their technology (in their early ages, when they became Dominators). They warned us that there are aliens that would love to control our planet because under the core, there were many riches, one of those were the Energy Crystals... Can you imagine, a whole planet of those Crystals, perfect for others to capture our world and then destroy it. But as i told, the Dom'Kavash came in peace, to share their technology with us, their stories, their ups and downs.. They saw us as no threat to them, but we, saw them as just another alien race that came to our planet. They left our planet in 3-4 days (15-20 human days). Before they left, we made a pact, that they will provide defense for our planet, from anyone that would attack us, and we offered them our hospitality, they could always come and stay here.. on X43. Years passed, same aliens came and went, nothing really happened...., but then out of nowhere, our scientist made a discovery. We finally got an Subspace Scanner. We could communicate with other races in big distances, 10-20 light years. On the day that our people made that discovery, i was born. We sent many messages to deep space, for any race to hear us. What you surely didn't know was that the Sleepership Hispania noticed our signal and they maneuvered the ship next to our planet. We never saw any fighting alien beings. We were unprepared. They came in some suits, with guns and started shooting mine people around.. One of them, i presume the commander, said something... Something that would take me from mine people... I was young.. i didn't know any other language, then mine own.. What the commander ordered is that all the babies and kids should be captured. Then they took me from mine mother. What i didn't knew is that the remaining survivors were sent in deep space to suffocate. They were examining us for many hours to see what kind of an being were we... They would leave us in some dark places locked... After 1-2 years (human years) they started to teach me their language, communicating with me and sharing their stories. As I grew up, and as i learned their language, they decided to name me Hazno because i was always i fighter, trying to escape from "prison" , an old name of an old fighter... who survived even the toughest battles with dozens of enemies.. As i learned to speak, they got me a ship, the Dagger, and sent me in the nebula to search for "hunters".. Hunters were an alien species that were large in numbers... They were patrolling the surrounding nebula..... They didn't hear anything from me again..

.... They expected me to return fast, but what they didn't know is that mine people were friends with the Hunters... They offered me a safe place and food for as long as i want, because mine people did the same for them in their dark ages. They repaired mine ship and gave me their guns, stronger guns, guns i never used and i tought i would never use them... But after 2-3 years being in their home, their king died and there was a change of government. They started persecuting people, all the aliens, even me.. I had to escape... I tought i would never kill anyone in mine life, but i had to.. What my people didn't know is that we were efficient killers.. We had that quick reflexes that the ship couldn't handle the turns... I killed 3 dozen of those fighters.. I went searching for some place to rest... Anywhere... Planet C4-X43, today known as Pygar.. thats where i found mine new home.. It was the home for the Kavash... I lived with them... But in a matter of months they left... noone was there, except of me... they left many valuable stuff.. Artifacts.... many of them...(even the artifact that was used in the First Nomad War, and to open the GMG Hypergate)... I had to leave the planet.... I was fighting with the Hunters all the way..... Years passed so quickly, i didn't even notice that; After 5 years, every hope of finding me was lost... but I returned... with many things in mine cargo... it was full of precious artifacts... and with many stories to tell...

As soon as i got back, they made a huge feast in mine return... They started questioning and asking many questions... As the humans were unloading the artifacts, i was telling them the stories, everything i saw and did.... They couldn't believe me... They tought i was lying to them... But then i asked:"How could i be lying to you... i got a full cargo bay of Artifacts." They didn't ask me any questions more.. In the morning i found myself surrounded by the Commander and his men..
"Stand up my young friend, today, you are receiving your code-name( which was actually a honor to have )" said the Commander
"From now on, you should be called SCORPION, when on duty"
They gave me an old bronze medal and hurried out of the room..

A few years passed... And i had my own clan... We were a few, but we were very good fighters, and explorers.
We were raiding an outpost in the nearby system, where we were known... Me, Scorpion, mine right hand "Lone Wolf", mine left hand, "FireFox" and 2 escorts, "Wargasm" and "Markov".. We were blood brothers, always together.... But as we got more and more credits, FireFox became greedy, taking away small amounts of credits... that were a lot to the people we gave them to. Me and Lonewolf always knew that it was him that was stealing, but we never asked him anything, until he tried to steal all the money we saved up.. He got into his ship with all the money and started the engines trying to escape.. We were alarmed by 2 guards that were above our "home".. We went to catch him as soon as we got alarmed.... We were chasing him thru 4 systems... When we finally got him in Omicron Beta.. We made a deal.... Blood brothers,... but i had to kill him... so we fired... the first missile salvo killed him on the spot.

I made mine share of friends, as well as enemies... But i am ready to make peace with every single of them. The biggest enemy i made is myself... I won't be able to forget the moment i killed my brother... But i am ready to face mine fears and go back to Omicron Beta, on his resting place... To pay respect to mine old friend, brother.....

That was 30 years ago
Now the clan doesn't exist any more,.. Lone Wolf got killed by a bounty hunter, Wargasm and Markov died of using Cardamine..
Now, I'm alone.... Searching for some other clan to join

Now, as I am an old fighter with alot of fighting experience behind mine i started training pilots, both beginners and veterans of how to survive in harsh conditions.. I am a one man-army... I will never forgive those bastards who took me away from mine mother... I will never forget of many things that those bastards did for me... I will never forget anything.

Chapter 2*
"Silver Arrows"

Years passed by, i didn't notice... I got a job on West Point Military Academy, New York. I was training pilots some basic things how to survive in space long enough and not to be destroyed by any pirate.. I knew where were their hideouts, that's why i was their primary target all the time. I used to bring a wing of newly trained pilots every time when i went to raid their hideouts... We would always get a lot of Cardamine and Credits... We would confiscate all their possessions and leave then to rot in the nearby LPI Huntsville. I already got few medals for bravery, but... Everything changes, so does mine story. We were on a smuggler hunt.. 2 wings of newly-trained recruits, one wing of my own men. The debriefing said that we should expect small or none resistance... But when we reached the place... It was crowded with Lane Hackers, Liberty Rogues, Red Hessians, Outcast, Corsairs, almost every single pirate in the Sirius Sector.. Me and mine Lieutenant barely made it... We lost almost 20 men... When we came back to Manhattan, I received a call from mine commanding officer... He accused me of mass murder, disobeying orders and told his men to arrest me...I surrendered to them.. Too many people... They sent me to jail, then set me on trial for mass murder, disobeying orders from an higher ranked officer. The trial went on for months and months... Because they did not have enough evidence to sentence me I got out after 1 year spent in Court and LPI Huntsville.
I went to Omega 3... I had some friends there... One guy on Freeport approached me and asked me if he knew me... He told me that he saw me somewhere...
It was Fleet-Admiral Martind Forlon.. "Maybe", i said, "you saw me on the news... I am there every week"... "Yes, i saw you on the news, young man (yes i still look young, Spectres can live up to 600 human years), and i would like to know you better."
Hours passed, we shared our stories, then two other men approached us... I didn't know them but they seemed to know the Fleet-Admiral... I later got to know them but for now lets stick to the story... those were Captain Richard Ben Riddick and Fleet-Admiral Sam Thomas, founder of the Silver Arrows..
"It seems that you all know me here" i said..., "Yes, this is our home, the Omega 3 System... You are welcome to stay as much as you want", responded the Fleet-Admiral.. Now you stay here, you will have a room made for you... Someone will take you there.. We are in a hurry and must go.. "I will see you later" said Forlon.
And i did.....

Chapter 3*
"Joining Silver Arrows"

Days passed, i didn't see any of the people I met on Freeport..... I tought it was just some jokers, messing with me... But as soon as i tought about that i got a message from an unknown person... No ID, nothing... It said: "You can approach the GMG Secret Research Center, the Ion Guns are deactivated"
GMG Secret research center??? Ion Guns??? What the hell is that all about??? Ah never mind.. Lets just see what do they want from me.

I went to an uncharted base in Omega 3.. Deep behind the nebula... It was... AMAZING... STUNNING... I never saw something like that.. That much activity around the base.. And they were not kidding... There were some strange guns, "Ion Cannon"-s.. The base said in one moment: "Prepare to engage hostile targets"... Oh that scared me like it never did in mine whole life... The cannons started shooting around me... I saw the destruction they made... Lots and lots of destruction and explosions.... The small fighters were taken down like flies... I saw some familiar names on mine screen... Fleet-Admiral Sam Thomas, Fleet-Admiral Martind Forlon, Captain Richard Ben Riddick and an unknown name Commander Raiden Caprica... I got greeted and told to land on the base... "We have something to speak about" told me the Captain... As i had military training, i would never disobey an order from an higher ranked officer. I landed and went to the bar where i waited for them to show up. Fleet-Admiral Forlon showed up.. "Get us two drinks".. I did... got back to him and gave the glass... We sat there and talked about much stuff.. In one moment the Admiral said... Would you like to join Silver Arrows... A new request, in such a short while... I couldn't go back to Liberty, i had some issues with Rheinland... so i accepted.. "Sure" i said... "Okay then, get your ship prepared and meet me outside"... I got out first... Other clan members wished good luck and went off mine screens... Admiral came out, we started the test... It was some hard time... but i made it... In the weeks to come, i got a new ship and full equipment, started to meet other clan members... I liked being in a new clan where i had mine hands untied, i could do whatever i wanted.... I was a mercenary, i still am.

Chapter 4*
Still to come....

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