Event: Dom'Kavash needs us!

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SAC Alert Event: Dom'Kavash needs us!

Post by Guest on Thu 29 Dec 2011 - 9:18

Yesterday evening was launched one nice event which bring very nice experience biggrin ...

Background: ...Again we got a massage from the Dom'kavash, since they are under constant attack of the other aliens races, they are getting without main resources. They sent us a massage about an urgent needing of resources as water, oxygen, food rations. We are organizing a convoy of 1-2 Soulforge Trains.We all know what is expecting us through the way to Dom'kavash territory, we please all space pilots who can to escort us there!

We had 12 participants included two Trains.

Both trains got destroyed, 1 in Venn, the 2nd near Weth:
SA_Trader02 (Forlon)

The following players reached Weth:

The others died by the way:

''We had a nice escort, but we failed anyway.'' Said one of the Train captains. The Dom'Kavash got dissappointed and now they have to find another way to get this goods. This Alien races inflicted us a big loss, for reputation with the Dom'Kavash too, but we will strike back...one day! And that will be soon! Meanwhile the Sirius ''Big Heads'' started to organize an Assault fleet to attack the Alien races.

More experience gained, mission as is this is difficult but definitely doable with better tactics. More comments after this event can be read from this post.


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SAC Alert Re: Event: Dom'Kavash needs us!

Post by sa_admin on Thu 29 Dec 2011 - 11:31

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SAC Alert Re: Event: Dom'Kavash needs us!

Post by Fuffud on Sat 31 Dec 2011 - 10:46

Congrats biggrin I suppose. I would advise the Scouser next time. It has high Armor, 1750 cargo and is a great laugh in asteroid fields.

Speaking of Scousers. When can I give my energy crystals to a store or something so I can get more?

Bless your Face.

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SAC Alert Re: Event: Dom'Kavash needs us!

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