Silver Arrows Clan Role-play and Omega-3 rules

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SAC Alert Silver Arrows Clan Role-play and Omega-3 rules

Post by Trinity_ on Wed 7 Mar 2012 - 10:17

Mission: the Silver Arrows follow MERCENARY role-play. This means we can hunt for bounties, complete jobs for all sides of the law, and freelancers alike. Server rules (included part with mercenary roleplay) are located on server page - HERE.

Our main goals are to keep order and defend mankind against alien threats. We're also ready to give a hand to the ASF anytime they need to counter attacks from the Confederated Strike Forces (CSF).

More details about our clan structure/rules of conduct/rewards/career/... can be found HERE.

Rules for our home system Omega-3 are located HERE.

Details about all objects in our home system can be find in CF Wiki - HERE.

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