Silver Arrows Operations Center established

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Silver Arrows Operations Center established

Post by sa_admin on Thu 6 May 2010 - 16:46

Silver Arrows Operations Center established

The Silver Arrows Command is proud to announce the establishment of their new permanent installation in the Omega-3 system : the Silver Arrows Operatiosn Center (SAOC). The new complex, that occupies the most part of the GMG Hypergate Station, will help the SAC coordinate expeditions in the Inner Core.

"We now have a strong presence near the Inner Core Hypergate which will allow us to better coordinate our missions. There is also the proximity to our labs on Planet Cambridge and our training facility in the Dervon system as well. In short, our new Operations Center is located in the perfect spot", said Vice-Admiral Sam Thomas.

The Silver Arrows Command announced that all fighter wings will be attached to this base from now on. The SA flaghsip Discovery will remain at its former parking location at SALabs on Planet Cambridge when not in service.

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