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New member : SA_FORLON

Post by sa_admin on Sat 10 Apr 2010 - 16:57

New member : SA_FORLON

The SAC is proud to announce the recruitment of a new member. His name is Martind Forlon and his callsign is simply FORLON.

Recruiting Officer Lieutenant-Commander Arkane made a speech last night on Manhattan :

"It is with great pleasure to announce the name of our newest pilot to the Silver Arrows ranks, Ensign Martind Forlon, callsign FORLON. His abilities, skills and talent during his trial of position within our unit were excellent and he is a very worthy addition to the ranks of the Silver Arrows Expeditionary Forces. His mastery of combat skills will be a great asset in hostile space against alien aggressors, of which he currently specializes in. I also personally look forward to FORLON's first assignment next week, our first expedition together into the Unknown systems to find planet Lost Paradise and a lost, deserted Dom'Kavash outpost."

Ensign FORLON will be assigned to Alpha_Wing under Vice-Admiral Sam Thomas' command as ALPHA_FIVE.

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