Application - Martind_Forlon (FORLON) [Accepted]

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Application - Martind_Forlon (FORLON) [Accepted]

Post by Guest on Tue 6 Apr 2010 - 9:47

Character Full Name : Martind_Forlon
Requested Callsign : Forlon
Location : Czech republic, Time Zone GMT+1 (Europe/Prague)
Desired activity : Explorer, Defender ... and first of all apprentice Smile
Freelancer background : I play many times vanilla SP and little Crossfire SP. I am rookie with MP, never by in clan before (Internet connection was not good enough for this type of game). But I learn quickly and my present character Martind_Forlon is well equipped (i hope) and prepared for clan experience. At this time I explore hostile Inner Core Systems and improve control of the ship.


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Re: Application - Martind_Forlon (FORLON) [Accepted]

Post by Ryleous Arkane (SA_ORION) on Tue 6 Apr 2010 - 13:28

Silver Arrows Command

Department of Staff and Resources

Dear Mr. Forlon,

Your application is welcomed and we extend our warmest greetings to you in your interest into membership with the Silver Arrows. While you may feel your skills may be still somewhat green, we always welcome any new pilot, as some of the best pilots at one point in their career had to start out somewhere too! Even new pilots can surprise people with the right amount of hard work, determination and the will to succeed! We accept your application and grant you the rank of RECRUIT until your recruitment PvP Trial 1 (see the Silver Arrows Members Guide for details). This is the last step towards becoming a regular Silver Arrows member as a ENSIGN.

Please contact a recruiter to set an appointment for your trial. Vice-Admiral Sam Thomas (ARROW), Lieutenant-Commander Ryleous Arkane (ORION) or Captain Nicolás Cañones (TANGO) are currently occupying the position of Recruitment Officer. They are apparently all unfortunately out of your current timezone, however, I'm sure a meeting can possibly be facilitated with any of them to fit within your schedule.

Thank you for your interest and congratulations!


The Silver Arrows Department of Staff and Resources


Greetings Freelancer.  You have been recruited by the Silver Arrows to defend humanity against the hostile
Xeno-lifeforms and their armadas. To explore... To defend... To help all humanity fight for it's preservation!
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