Discovery to reenter service this week

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Discovery to reenter service this week

Post by sa_admin on Wed 31 Mar 2010 - 17:25

Discovery to reenter service this week

As many will recall, the Silver Arrows flagship Discovery was in space dock since its return from what used to be called unknown regions few months ago (that location is now formally known as the Inner Core). The analytics the SAC had ordered on the ship's computers are now complete and the ship is ready to get back in action.

Vice-Admiral Sam Thomas will bring his ship once more to the center of our galaxy, this time in a joint-operation codenamed "IMPACT" with many other Sirius factions. Their mission is to retrieve captured escape pods of a previous Knights of Mercy expedition from an alien station.

Alpha Wing will also take part in this operation with Lt.Cmdr Arkane in the lead, V-Adm. Thomas being in command of the Discovery and thus unable to assume his role as Alpha_Leader.

The ship is currently enroute to Omega-3 to rendez-vous with the fleet assembling at the GMG Hypergate near Planet Sprague. The operation IMPACT is starting at UTC 1900 on Friday April 02.

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