New Alliance: Silver Arrows / TRashED

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New Alliance: Silver Arrows / TRashED

Post by Faaby on Sat 23 Apr 2011 - 3:36

Silver Arrows and TRashED allied!
SA News Service

The Silver Arrows Command is proud to announce their alliance with the new clan TRashED ! Here are the terms of this new alliance :

SA will set gT's reputation to FULL ALLIANCE (rep +4). In return, TRashED will hold a similar stance towards the Silver Arrows to the best of their current capacity (as homeless clan) and make it fully equal once they rent their own home system.

The FULL ALLIANCE consists of : FULL ACCESS (LAW ENFORCEMENT, TRADING, TRANSIT combined) in Omega-3. No additionnal charge to buy ships or equipment in Omega-3. Permission to dock on every base/station in Omega-3.

SA News Service

The contractors of this treaty engage themselves to avoid taking contracts on each other and to avoid shooting on each other unprovokedly, excluding cases where the two parties are each hired by two opposing factions.

Mutual Defense Agreement : one will help the other defend its home system if attacked. As for now, only Omega-3 is protected by this clause and the Silver Arrows engage themselves to start protecting TRashED's home system as soon as they own one.

May this alliance last long and bring us both great benefits !

--Silver Arrows News Channel
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