New promotions and rewards

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New promotions and rewards

Post by sa_admin on Wed 17 Mar 2010 - 12:01

New promotions and rewards

The Silver Arrows rewarded few distinctive members Sunday at a rewards ceremony on Planet Cambridge. The SAC celebrated 3 new officer promotions as well as the dstribution of 2 Medals of Action Beyond Duty and 3 Bronze Silver Cross of the Silver Arrows. Here are media sequences of the ceremony :

<Adm. O'Neil>"Members of the Bretonia Crown, Liberty Parliament, Kusari Shogun, Rheinland Reichstag, Coalition Headquaters and fellow citizens, welcome to this ceremony where the Silver Arrows reward their most deserving members for their actions towards this organization and the community."


"The officers promoted tonight are :

  • Ensign Ryleous Arkane (ORION), promoted spcially to Lieutenant-Commander for actions beyond duty, professionalism, distinction amongst its peers and loyalty."
  • Commander Vincent Toews (Fictionnal), promoted to the rank of Captain for excellent service record as Secretary of the Department of Staff and Resource and loyalty.
  • Last but not least, Rear-Admiral Sam Thomas (ARROW) is promoted to Vice-Admiral for actions beyond duty, examplary service and loyalty."

"As for the 'Action Beyond Duty' Medal, the recipients are :

  • Vice-Admiral Sam Thomas (ARROW) for his special implication towards the community by creating the CrossfireDB
  • Rear-Admiral Nicolās Salvador Caņones (TANGO) for his special implication towards the community by offering the technical environment for the future CrossfireDB.
  • Lieutenant-Commander Ryleous Arkane (ORION) for his special implication towards the community by making the new Sector Maps and by contributing greatly to the CrossfireDB project as a data collector.

Citizens of Sirius and Altair will be able to fly more safely now with the contribution of these men. Moreover, since those deeds were performed with direct benefits for the whole community, the Silver Arrows Command is granting each three of them 5 points towards earning the Silver Cross of the Silver Arrows for participating in Community Events. Thus they are also decorated with the Bronze Silver Cross of the Silver Arrows."

It was certainly an emotional ceremony for Admiral Franklin O'Neil since it was his last official ceremony before his retirement this week. The SAC High Council has already chosen its successor as Chief Officer of the SA in the person of Vice-Admiral Thomas that will also remain Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs. As for Admiral Franklin's position as Director of the Department of Operations, its Captain Caņones who receives the honor to take the seat, considered as one of the most important and prestigious in the organization. Its the first time an Officer with the rank of Captain is named Director.

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