CrossfireDB in BETA testing and data collecting

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CrossfireDB in BETA testing and data collecting

Post by sa_admin on Mon 8 Mar 2010 - 18:18

CrossfireDB in BETA testing and data collecting

The Silver Arrows Command is proud to announce that the recently created Silver Arrows' CrossfireDB is beginning private BETA testing this week. Rear-Admiral Thomas (ARROW) has cleared a first version of the system to be tested right away.

Members of the organisation will test all terminals and begin collecting data in the coming weeks. Contribution from all members will certainly help accelerate the process.

The SAC has not publish an official release date for public consultation of the system but it sure won't take more than 3 months. RAdm Thomas was very eager to show the system to his men :

"This system will be available from every ship or terminal in Sirius, Altair and even in Inner Core with the use of alien galactic relays. Once this tool is completed, it will help all civilians and all organisations to plot their courses, find points of interest and avoid hostile environments. We expect to make the most simple and detailed database ever made about our known universe with the CrossfireDB. It is the duty of the Silver Arrows to explore and defend and that project is exactly fitting in this mission we have day after day.", said RAdm Thomas, in charge of this project.

As usual, we will keep you up-to-date with the info about the CrossfireDB...


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