Silver Arrows Public Announcement

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Silver Arrows Public Announcement

Post by Riebens on Mon 11 Apr 2011 - 16:02

Silver Arrows Notification
Silver Arrows Diplomatic

The following has been approved for immediate public release

Silver Arrows Command (SAC) has taken note of a lack of discipline in the ranks of certain of its members in performing their assigned role as Police Officers.

SAC apologises unreservedly for any breach of conduct.

Due to internal re-structuring, SA_ARROW will be unable to make public appearance for a short time and SA_RIEBENS has been appointed as Assistant-Director of Foreign Affairs and SA's representative on the SWAT forum.

More official announcements will be made shortly, but Silver Arrows Command in the interim hereby reaffirms its commitment to its allies and other parties in all agreements made to date.

By Order: Silver Arrows Diplomatic

Fleet Admiral Sam Thomas, Chief Officer of the Silver Arrows

--Silver Arrows News Channel

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