Weapons Gathering Expedition 2011-04-03

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SAC Alert Weapons Gathering Expedition 2011-04-03

Post by Seqan on Sun 3 Apr 2011 - 6:45

At approximately 0530 standard Sirius time, (server time), I was contacted by a freelancer called Jass1989 requesting access to the Inner Core. I granted passage through the hypergate. About one hour later, 0630, I was contacted again by the same freelancer requesting information on gate locations. I offered my services as a guide and pilot and proceeded to the Inner Core system where I met up with freelancers Jass1989, Darth_Ghost, and {X}Shock (name unconfirmed), and proceeded to guide them to the Weth system. Freelancer {X}Shock was shot down in Mepther by the Dom'Nepesh. I retrieved his escape pod and we continued on to Weth without major incident.

At Weth, Freelancer Jass retired for the evening, and I went with Freelancer Darth_Ghost to go hunting Dom'Setek for the Ther'Hon weaponry. An hour later, [UR]Vishnu arrived to provide his assistance in his Osiris-II class battleship. Another hour passed of total destruction and we were joined by Lieutenant Riddick in his Redemption VHF. At this point, Vishnu decided to grab his fighter and retired his battleship.

Vishnu had to leave 30 minutes later and Freelancer Darth_Ghost was shot down twice and used an emergency jump system to return to Mirtrrak, and returned to fight with us. The Dom'Setek are down about 50 fighters as of 20 minutes ago.

We returned to Mirtrrak with a grand total of 6 Cer'lor Emmiters and 10 Ther'Hon plus a Kelyrd-ray projector. Freelancer Darth_Ghost was given 3 Ther'hons, 2 Cer'lors, and the Kelyrd as his share in the weaponry. The remaining weapons are on their way back to Altair with Lieutenant Riddick in his Redemption. All pilots involved fought outstandingly.

I'm requesting that an offensive point be giving to all pilots involved in this expedition.

Signed Connor "Seqan" O'Neill

Assistant Director of Operations

Forlon edit: looks this expedition is missing in profiles, 1 offensive point granted (as was requested): Seqan, Riebenes

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