New Starmaps for space pilots

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New Starmaps for space pilots

Post by sa_admin on Mon 15 Feb 2010 - 15:58

New Starmaps for space pilots

Following a public request posted by SWAT admin and Crossfire creator, SWAT_OP-R8R, the Silver Arrows Command undertook to make the new sectors maps for the Crossfire community. The Silver Arrows Command is honored to present you with the new sectors maps for Sirius, Altair and the newly discovered Inner core.

These freshly printed starmaps use a brand new style displaying more details that any creation before. Regions icons, detailed legends and in-between system links make it now easier to understand the maps and use them to their full potential.

The maps have been realized by Silver Arrows' cartographer Ryleous Arkane (aka SA_ORION). His knowledge of the space regions has helped making those maps as accurate as they can be.

We hope that this work helps you in your adventures in space. The Silver Arrows Command wish you safe flying and, like always, the SA pilots are available to help you out there.

Thank you

Rear-Admiral Sam Thomas,
Department of Foreign Affairs of the Silver Arrows
We explore, we defend.

To view the maps, visit this page of the Downloads Section :

Crossfire 1.8 maps
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