Crossifre Sector Maps (CF 1.82)

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SAC Alert Crossifre Sector Maps (CF 1.82)

Post by sa_admin on Mon 15 Feb 2010 - 15:49

Crossfire 1.82 maps

(by ORION)

Hosted via SWAT Portal downloads section

All maps are in PDF format!

Sirius, Altair and the Inner Core sector maps, with plain and textured backgrounds (CF 1.82):
Sirius plain, Sirius backg

Altair plain, Altair backg

IC plain, IC backg

ASF/CSF Political Map and Record Sheet:
updated ver.

Crossfire 1.82 MEGA Multi-Sector Map

AutoCAD Files :
On request only, please contact SA_ORION by pm or email.

Best viewing experience is with 200% zoom.

(P.S. thanks Arrow for the mod rights! Very Happy-Orion )

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SAC Alert Re: Crossifre Sector Maps (CF 1.82)

Post by Guest on Sun 15 Jan 2012 - 5:17

ALL links updated.


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